This statement was submitted anonymously on behalf of Defund the Police Kingston. We chose not to disclose our identities because we are concerned that police retaliation and targeting might result if our identities were known.

Tonight, you will hear from senior Police and members of the Police Services board about why they need a 3.62% budgetary increase. We would like to tell you why this is an inappropriate misuse of community funds.

On January 19, 2021, Police Chief McNeely began by noting the underfunding of housing and social services and healthcare services, more generally. She claimed that the Police are…

On September 24th, Kingston Police Association President Cameron Gough penned a guest column in The Kingston Whig-Standard outlining his union’s opposition to any and all calls to defund the police in Kingston. He made some important points, but he also made misleading and sometimes vastly inaccurate claims regarding our city’s municipal budget. In turn, his letter seriously misrepresented one of the core issues at the heart of calls to “defund” the police. …

Defund the Police YGK

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